GPT and BASF join hands in building international high-end anti-aging brand

International cooperation and German quality

Germany-based BASF is one of the world”s top 500 companies as well as one of its largest raw material suppliers, with more than 160 wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. No. A00088 sunflower extract, one of the group”s international patents (patent license number: FR2941864), can efficiently increase collagen synthesis by 18 per cent to 23 per cent, promote the growth and development of fibroblasts, and protect the FGF-2 fibroblast growth factor, achieving the perfect synthesis of collagen and glucosamine.

GPT, a brand of BASF (Guangzhou) Cosmetics, is an international high-end anti-aging brand. Its new product, containing bird”s nest, sunflower, argireline peptide, nanometer collagen wire, nanometer pure gold, African azedarach bark extract, can shape the facial contour, recover damaged skin cells and perfect skin structure. Once this collection of ingredients was shown to be effective, they became highlights at both 2002 World Congress of Dermatology and 2003 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery  for their ability to promote collagen production, renew skin tissue, remove fine lines and wrinkles, inhibit lipid peroxidation and restore the softness of the skin.

GPT has made a name for itself across China”s anti-aging industry. The brand has invested heavily and, due to its backing, was able to start research and development at a high level, putting up a substantial amount of capital in bringing on international star Li Xiang as spokesperson and brand ambassador, while launching simultaneous multi-channel advertising campaigns through domestic and foreign media. With its solid strength and exposure at many levels, the brand has gotten the nod from many industry insiders.

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GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, BASF (Guangzhou) Cosmetics entered into a strategic cooperation with Germany-based BASF, one of the world”s leading raw materials manufacturers. The invited guests, including Li Xuejing, founder of BASF (Guangzhou) Cosmetics, a representative from BASF Greater China and senior executives from the two companies, as well as several members of international media organizations, attended the conference where they witnessed the signing of the agreement.