Why are Italian leather bags the number one sought-after accessory

People all over the world covet real Italian leather bags, they are highly sought after and for good reason. The leather bags produced by skilled artisans in Florence, Italy are unrivalled. The time, creativity and precision put in by the leather workers, coupled with the suppleness and softness of real Italian leather combine to create amazing designer bags, Cavalcanti bags being an excellent example.

High Quality Products and Superior Craftsmanship

Italian leather is a superior product, which is at the same time soft and durable. When you are investing in a new bag, you want to know that it will last and with bags made from Italian leather, you can be sure that they will still look brand new a few years along the time. The range of colours available will also wow you, from classic black to timeless brown and other impressive and bright shades such as scarlet red and mustard yellow – you will be able to find just what you are looking for. More time and care are put into the preparation of the leather, and only natural vegetable and plant extracts are used in the tanning process, creating a unique and special look. As well as being durable, the bags made from this leather do not need much maintenance, they will withstand wear and tear and need little cleaning. Cavalcanti bags come in a wide variety of styles, from clutches for evening wear, to useful backpacks, cross-body bags and handbags so there is something for everyone.

borse roberto canetti

Artisan bags from a Beautiful Setting

There is something special about knowing that your bag has come all the way from the historical, traditional San Lorenzo market in the centre of beautiful Florence. For centuries Florence has lead the way in all things artistic, from sculpture and painting to fashion design and artisan products such as the leather bags made for generations in the San Lorenzo market. You can feel the authenticity and almost sense the atmosphere!

From the Fashion Catwalk to the Customer

Italian leather bags are a standard on the fashion catwalks around the world and will never look outdated or go out of style. They have been seen everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino, reaching cult-like status and causing people to hanker after them. From this, you would expect them to be out of reach of everyone but the rich and famous, but Leather-Fashionstore.com sells top-quality Italian leather bags such as Cavalcanti bags at affordable prices. So, you really can go all out and get a bag to match with every outfit while being assured of top quality and fashion at the same time! From evening-wear to everyday outings and workwear, an accessory really can make the outfit, accentuating and drawing attention to detail in just the right way. FlorenceLeatherMarket.com has the right bag for everyone.”


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