How to become a true Italian with a simple cooking class

Sometimes it can be hard to integrate yourself into a new culture. Being an international student myself, it takes time to learn and appreciate new ways of life in another country.

In the short time I’ve been living in Milan, the trick to feeling like a real local has been experiencing the local culture through food. You are what you eat, after all. From the aperitivo (happy hour) to the espresso at the counter, there are many ways to get to know the Italian lifestyle.

Indeed, the only way to really feel like a true Italian is to talk at least 50% of your time about food, and spend 50% of your free time around the kitchen, maybe with a good glass of wine in your hand. Italians love more than anything to be in front of delicious food with friends and family; shouting and discussing everything from politics, football, global warming and food. Of course eating is important, but the most significant step is cooking with love while in good company.

Also, another secret of Italian cuisine is simplicity! With few ingredients you can create something remarkable and unique. The Italian masterpieces such as pizza, pasta and tiramisù and many other dishes of the culinary tradition are known all around the world, and the key to their success is how flavourful they are despite their simplicity. In fact, they can be easily recreated by beginners with inexpensive and common ingredients from the supermarket.

Many people might get excited and start looking up complex recipes online but are ultimately too afraid to make a mess in the kitchen or too lazy to get their hands dirty. So they give up before even trying and don’t get to experience the Italian way of food.

This is why an informal Cooking Class in Italian or English can help you to get started with cooking. It is an unique opportunity to learn with fun how to cook easy and tasty dishes while meeting people from all over the world. Guided by passionate Italian “chefs” and their grandmother recipes books, you can learn how to cook step-by-step the most delicious dishes of the Italian tradition and make your grandmother proud! But most importantly you get the satisfaction of eating what you make while making new friends.

In FollowMI Around Cooking Classes everyone is welcome and the objective is to have fun and enjoy life, which are also really important aspects of Italian culture!

All dishes are going to be prepared together from scratch, and you’ll learn interesting trivia about Italian food with a glass of wine or beer in your hand.

If you would like to know how to make pasta, tiramisù or many other dishes from scratch, check our weekly schedule at

Make new friends, learn new things, learn Italian, feel Italian, live like a local, learn Italian culture, enjoy life.

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